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HCPC Europe 01

Presentation at All You Can Track And Trace – 2017 – Serialization and RFID solutions for Pharmaceutical Industries | ESINDUSTRY 4.0 – Integrated Solutions for the Smart Factory

04 20 2017 The mission of HCPC Europe is to educate the healthcare sector about packaging that improves patients’ lives, for example by enhancing compliance and adherence to medication regimes.

The founders and members of HCPC Europe believe that the packaging of medicines can in itself play a significant part in therapy adherence and that, by organizing as a body, HCPC Europe can be effective in promoting packaging-related initiatives which will help improve therapy adherence by patients.

Carefully designed packaging can make a significant contribution to patient compliance with respect to, for example:

•Ease of identification
•Clarity of instructions
•Visible evidence of medication taken

Through elements such as printing, colour-coding and the format of the package itself, package designers can incorporate features which serve to improve therapy adherence"

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